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Social media without ads

You most likely recall Facebook's controversial 2021 privacy policy change, which caused a large number of users to migrate to WhatsApp alternatives. After spending billions to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp, it's time for Facebook to recover its investment by using your personal data for advertisements. Advertisement and sponsorships are components of all major social media apps.

In today's world privacy is power. You're probably discussing your favorite lehenga or skin care product with your friends when you open your social media app and see the advertisement at the top of the screen. Since reels and shorts have taken over the internet, let's face it: there aren't really any other options than the well-known social media platforms. Nonetheless, there will always be those who would prefer to discuss ideas with their close friends or other like-minded individuals. However, Facebook Groups also comes with a number of terms and conditions related to group management, including privacy.

If you're tired of the "my way" or "high way" approach taken by large social media companies but still want to express your ideas with a similar-minded or local audience, you should definitely check out EYE PUNE's social space.

Eye Pune's social space is designed specifically for people who wish to connect with others who share their interests. Individuals from all over the world can visit Eye Pune's social media platform, create an account, join any of the fascinating groups that are already there, or start their own groups and communities for a variety of discussions.

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